My Name Misspelled

short film by kangmin kim
Best Animated Short / Ashland Independent Film Festival 2012
Best Short Animation / San Diego Asian Film Festival 2012
38-39˚c gives us the blueprint of a relationship between a father and son inside the dream the protagonist experiences while under the spell of the elevated temperatures of a bathhouse. Thick sheets of paper in exquisite arrangement represent the two men who are linked by their identical birthmarks, yet cannot seem to look at each other. —— Maureen Selwood

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Sundance Film Festival
ANNECY International Animated Film Festival
Neshville Film Festival
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Florida Film Festival
Ashland Independent Film Festival

"Katachi" means "shape".
The video is made with approx. 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using computer-controlled cutter.

Director, Concept, Animation - Kijek/Adamski
Production - Katarzyna Rup / Ab Film Production
Cast - Artur Cetnarowski
Gaffer - Heliograf, Blitz
Studio set - PlumArt Marcin “Śliwa” Śliwiński, Arek Szot, Joanna Kijek
PVC cutting - Dawid Krzyżanowski/ My-Art
Thanks - Studio Las, Paweł Reyman

The official music video for Nosaj Thing’s “Eclipse/Blue,” by Daito Manabe, takcom, Satoru Higa, and MIKIKO with support from The Creators Project. 

"Eclipse/Blue," featuring vocals by Blonde Redhead’s Kazu 

This is a petit tribute from a group of friends to the film ´Were the wild things are´

Directed by: Sebastian Baptista & Nico Casavecchia

Film by Jordan Bruner
Sound by Future Perfect

The Leaf Woman and the Centaur is a stop-motion animated film that looks to reconcile a set of creation myths and re- establish the act of experiencing the story as their central component. In the same way Paradise Lost articulated the felix culpa (beneficial fall of man) within the Biblical beginnings, or Dante’s Inferno explored our ethical and spiritual scaffolding, The Leaf Woman and the Centaur will use the same basic tropes present in every creation myth to emphasize the value of an ancient experience that died with the cold logic of words.

This is the first episode.

tvc that won a gold lion under the film category in the 54th edition of the cannes international advertising awards.
Country: GERMANY
Advertising Agency: NORDPOL+ HAMBURG 
Country: GERMANY
Creative Director: Lars Ruehmann 
Art Director: Bjoern Ruehmann/Joakim Reveman/Matthew Branning 
Production Company, City: PARANOID PROJECTS, Paris
Country: FRANCE
2nd Production Company, City: PARANOID US, Los Angeles 
Country: USA
Director: The Vikings

Mr. Cardboard’s crashes // Alpine drop // Pilot episode

Written & directed by Michaël Bolufer ( )
Music : Laurent Péju
Sound design& mastering : AudioplumStudio ( )
Produced by DiglootProd & Michaël Bolufer

Le Meurtre - teaser